Nasareth, Israel

The International Centre Mary of Nazareth is next to the Basilica of the Annunciation at the heart of Nazareth. This multi-media centre, created by the Association « Marie de Nazareth », has the mission to make known the life of Jesus and Mary.

We have contributed to the conception of the Chapel for Unity. We executed twenty icons that relate the mysteries of the Rosary and the fresco of the Cupola which illustrates the Assumption of Christ and the coming of the Holy Spirit. In complement there are two large wall frescos presenting the Annunciation and the life of the Holy Family.

Making known the love of God for all humanity is the principal message of the whole work. Its pure and sober style reminds us of the simplicity and beauty of the life of the Holy Family for thirty years at Nazareth.

The fresco of the Annunciation opens the doors to the history of the incarnation.

The fresco of the Holy Family invites us to contemplate the hidden life of the Lord on this earth while in Nazareth.

The icons of the Rosary lead us to meditate upon the history of the incarnation.

The fresco of the cupola concludes the work. Jesus is represented holding an open book with this word of God: « I am gentle and humble of heart », a word so important for the world today.